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FPI are independent property advisers we are not legal/pension/investment or taxation experts and independent advise should be sought in these areas if so required.

We now focus primarily on the Languedoc due to the fact that we would have a specialist knowledge of the region and the properties available in the market. Annette Mink, director of French Prestige Investments, has completed extensive research into what people were looking for in terms of service, together with where they wanted to buy and identified a niche.  All our properties are selected for their location, investment potential, good value and accessibility and re-sale potential.


French Prestige Investments arrange everything from finding the right property, to arranging the mortgage, life assurance, legal, sight viewings if required to closing the sale.


We focus exclusively on France due to the highly regulated market and good investment opportunities. With clients looking for growth opportunities in a market where pensions have performed badly, stock markets are volatile we have found more and more clients seeking advice on adding overseas investment property to their portfolio.


Successful property investment involves a great deal more than simply picking a property from a list of new developments which is why French Prestige Investments has a team of professionals who seek out investment opportunities with the quality and reliability that lead to lucrative returns.



We identify developers who have a specialist niche product. We are looking for something that little bit different which stands out from what other developers provide. This also helps our clients when they are selling their product, that it is not one of a multitude but something a little bit different.


The developers we partner with have huge breath of vision of what they are trying to create in their own particular markets. Quality is the key to it all. Quality developers who provide a quality product quality service and quality follow through. Our hands on approach ensures each property we present has met the highest standards throughout.


Reliability, Integrity & Trust


Three key words to our business are reliability, integrity and trust. When you are involved in helping people make a decision to purchase a property abroad you have to be sure of the calibre of person you are dealing with, you also have to be sure of the companies you are getting involved with. That FPI and its partners deliver on their promises.


From the developer’s financial status to the builder’s reputation, we undertake in-depth research to give the client peace of mind. We ensure that the French banks complete full due diligence before we will consider bringing the development to the Irish market.


French Prestige Investments do not advertise. All our sales are done through word of mouth. Our clients recommend us on year after year. In fact many of our clients have come back to buy again and again from us. When in these turbulent times the only asset in their portfolio which has not been scathed in the current economic market has been their French property.




We optimise the client’s potential income by assessing locations, examining rental returns and advising on exit strategies which add value to the client’s investment portfolio. It is only after we have carried out this rigorous process that we bring the development to our clients.


We are unique in the market in that we handle absolutely all aspects of the sale of property process, from analysing and selecting potential developments, to ensuring the building process is on track and ready for completion as contractually agreed. And finally, overlooking the commercialisation of the development.


Sourcing a mortgage in Ireland currently is almost impossible. However, the banks in France are still lending to non-residents up to 85%. The banks carry out due diligence on all developments they lend on as they want to be sure that they get their money back. Making sure the developer and management company are reputable. In this current economic climate they only lend to companies with a proven track record and healthy balance sheets.


French Prestige Investments offers a vast wealth of experience in marketing, finance, mortgage and property management. Combined with a hard working team we are able to successfully deliver on all projects.


We sell our products with a long term view. We are privately owned which gives us two major advantages:

  • Our clients get to know us very well over the period
  • Knowing the French property market intimately enables us to act more quickly to market changes as and when they happen.

We are constantly checking peer reviews to ensure that our investment opportunities are realistic, enduring and above all low risk to our clients. Our knowledge of the property market means we see opportunities that others may not. We have a proven track record. We can deliver on bespoke developments as and when requested by our strategic partners.


French Prestige Investments specialise at the top end of the French Property Market specifically to provide a level and quality of service which we are proud to stand over.